TheeLipDoctor University: Freshman Year Dermal Fillers
TheeLipDoctor University: Freshman Year Dermal Fillers

TheeLipDoctor University: Freshman Year Dermal Fillers

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This fundamental course will go through the basics of a dermal filler. It is an in-depth introductory webinar which covers the history, dosages, effects, complications, and treatable areas. your pre- treatment consultation which is paramount will be covered in detail.

This course is designed to help improve your chair-side skill set and improve your ability to master and comfort patients and their results.

TheeLipDoctor shares her proven techniques that helped elevate her Spa practice.

Once payment is processed, you will receive a welcome letter and a follow up phone call from a staff member who will assist you with onboarding.

Freshman Year Syllabus:

-History of Filler.

-Types of facial depression and deficits. 

-Lip filler placement and dosage.

-Nasolabial treatment, placement and dosage.

*All courses are subject to be rescheduled if changed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions*


Auxillary staff fees will apply. You must contact us to approve staff member.


If the attendee does not reschedule course dates within 14 days of the course, all payments are forfeited by attendee.

Contact info is listed below:

Cancellation and refunds are not accepted , however a request can be given in writing to attention /Patrick, for alternate dates or call (516) 426-3188.

Do Not contact Dr. Bell personally. She gets a large number of personal requests which may not be fulfilled .

We will assist you with rescheduling course dates if our office is responsible for any changes in the schedule.

No extensions will be 

Hands On Dates:


Hands On Dates currently still available. All other dates are currently booked.








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